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ODOT celebrates completion of Interstate 5 bridge
 Four years after the start of construction, the Interstate 5 Whilamut Passage Bridge in Eugene-Springfield, Ore., opened to traffic in early August. But before the first vehicles traversed it, the Oregon Department of Transportation hosted two events to celebrate the completion of the new structure. 
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Getting maintenance work done: In-house or by others
The main objective for any Public Works department is to cost-effectively optimize resources, including employees, equipment, materials, contracts, and physical assets. Best business practices for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling need to be implemented and followed. Orange County, Calif., has successfully used various maintenance and operations service providers, including a combination of in-house/force accounts, outsourcing, job order contacting, and incarcerated labor. 
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Dowel bar retrofit: Where are we now?
Great ideas don’t always have to be born in the moment or generated by a mainframe super computer. Sometimes it is as simple as looking back to what has performed well in the past and continues to do so in the present. Such is the case for dowel bar retrofit (DBR). DBR is a load transfer restoration technique that restores load carrying capacity to working joints and cracks in otherwise structurally sound concrete. The process involves placement of steel dowel bars across concrete pavement joints and/or cracks that exhibit poor load transfer. DBR has been used extensively in the United States for more than 20 years on interstate highways, secondary roads, and city streets with more than 6.5 million bars installed to date. 
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MaineDOT cuts roadway energy costs with LED lighting
Interstate 295 (I-295) is one of Maine’s busiest and most important highways, providing natives and tourists alike access to some of the nation’s most beautiful soft, white sandy beaches. The 53-mile highway receives a significant amount of traffic during summer months because of the influx of vacationers. 
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Willamette River millrace a window into the past
Under the site of the new Interstate 5 Willamette River Bridge project, a complex architectural network of eroding concrete and moss-covered walls are the only visible remains of a once-definitive structure for the city of Eugene, Ore. — its millrace. Just as skyscrapers today tend to cluster in one area of a city, in the 19th century, mills and factories would often crop up along the same section of a fast-moving river. These operations depended on their riverside location for power; before the harnessing of steam and electricity, industry ran on water. 
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HubDOT Exclusive

In replacing the Willamette River Bridge, the Oregon Department of Transportation makes steps to ensure the structure's ecological footprint is as small as possible, leaving room for natural habitats to flourish.

  Bringing new life to the I-5 Willamette River Bridge


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